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Siesta Key

Uncover the sultry secrets behind Siesta Key's dark, captivating campaign – click to explore how we reeled in new viewers with an edgy, immersive twist on this hit show!

For Siesta Key's second season, we aimed to captivate new viewers while keeping our loyal fanbase hooked. As part of a tight-knit team, I played a crucial role in every phase of this sultry, immersive campaign.

Targeting young, edgy audiences who loved shows like Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, we dove into a darker, more mysterious creative direction. I meticulously researched and sourced the perfect song, "Blood in the Water" by Grandson, to capture the depth and intensity we sought. This powerful track won over our execs and set the stage for Siesta Key's new image.

We skillfully built tension throughout the campaign, culminating in a dramatic, sexy crescendo as the song's chorus hit. By focusing on evoking a rich, emotional response, we expanded our audience and kept viewership soaring.

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