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RuPaul's Drag Race

Get ready to gag over Drag Race Season 11's fierce, larger-than-life campaign – click to uncover how we slayed the stage and kept those fabulous viewing parties going strong, hunty!

Drag Race Season 11 sashayed back with even more fierceness, honey! With extra queens, gag-worthy shade, and love for days, we served up the biggest thing to hit VH1. Our challenge? Sparking our loyal drag fans' excitement while spreading the word about the new night of the week.

Working side by side with a writer-producer, we slayed this season's campaign by celebrating the queens' larger-than-life personalities, sickening talents, and all the drama they dish out.

We brought the house down with an oversized set and massive props like human-height mascara wands, all while sprinkling in some popular drag lingo for good measure. Our goal was to keep those fabulous viewing parties happening, even on the new night of the week. And let's just say the "Ru-veal" twist at the end of the trailer had fans gagging!

I was involved in every step of the campaign – from developing the color story to making VFX decisions. This season, we made sure Drag Race didn't just return – it owned the runway, hunty!

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