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Dive into the hilariously wacky world of Ridiculousness promos – click to discover how we captured Kevin Hart's magnetic charm and nailed the show's move to Fridays with a ridiculously fun approach!

When MTV handed me the reins for my first solo gig, they knew I'd cook up some wild promos for Ridiculousness, where Internet clips and Rob Dyrdek's hilarious commentary steal the show.

For the Hartdiculousness special, I set out to capture Kevin Hart's magnetic charm and the belly laughs he'd bring as a guest comedian. Taking a cue from the special's title, I whipped up a promo that married the laugh-out-loud shenanigans of Ridiculousness with the pure, unadulterated silliness of Kevin Hart.

When it came to announcing the show's move to Fridays, we went all-in on Ridiculousness' wacky, no-holds-barred vibe. Hammering the new Friday air date with excessive (and ridiculously effective) repetition, we made sure fans wouldn't miss a single goofy moment as Ridiculousness took over their Friday nights.

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