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MTV Movie & TV Awards

Discover how the power of '&' united fandoms in a lighthearted, unforgettable campaign for the MTV Movie & TV Awards – click to see the innovative spots that had everyone talking!

When the MTV Movie & TV Awards called for a fun, inclusive campaign celebrating host Zachary Levi and the nominated content, we seized the opportunity to showcase the power of "&." Embracing the ampersand from the event logo, I collaborated on a lighthearted campaign that united fandoms, proving you can love this AND that, without limits.

By playfully highlighting the lighter aspects of even the most serious films, I kept the tone upbeat and engaging. One standout moment was our tongue-in-cheek pharmaceutical ad parody, overflowing with "ands" to list the side effects of watching great movies and TV shows.

As the campaign unfolded, I took the reins and solo-produced multiple spots, ensuring a consistent, captivating message across all promos. Our innovative approach demonstrated that the key to a successful, memorable campaign lies in creative storytelling and a deep understanding of the audience's passions.

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