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Martha & Snoop

Get ready for a deliciously hilarious adventure with Martha and Snoop, as they cook up a Titanic-sized storm – click to see the award-winning promo that had everyone talking!

As the project's solo writer, I took on the challenge of promoting season three of Martha & Snoop: Potluck Party Challenge, making it irresistibly fun and engaging. I tapped into the audience's love for Martha and Snoop's quirky chemistry, shifting focus from the celebrity cook-off mechanics to their unmatchable dynamic.

My pièce de résistance? A sizzling, hilarious Titanic-themed promo that sailed past the previous "Ghost" parody. With Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" swelling in the background, we saw Martha steer Snoop through a whirlwind of flying french fries and a magical, boat-shaped kitchen island. Our gender-swapped homage to the iconic film scene culminated in Snoop's punchline, "I'm frying, Martha, I'm frying!"

The promo was a hit, riding a wave of social media buzz and media chatter. It ultimately swept up five awards for its creativity, including a Clio award. My creative approach demonstrated the power of a boatload of imagination and a strong understanding of your audience to make a big splash.

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