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Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Discover how we breathed new life into the iconic Jersey Shore Family Vacation with a playful campaign that combines hilarity, real-life situations, and fist-pumping fun – click for a shore thing!

For the Jersey Shore Family Vacation Part 2 launch, I joined a close-knit team to create a campaign that stayed true to the show's hilarious legacy while highlighting the cast's return to "real life" situations. We crafted a vibrant mix of absurdity and relatable moments, like crying babies, wedding bells, and even our "Fist Pump" spot featuring tiny, real-life costumes for fists.

As the season unfolded, our lean writing team kept the laughs coming. Our strategy involved pairing dramatic moments with playful language in our :20 and :10 episodics, and spotlighting lighthearted humor, like Mike the Situation's food obsession, in five-second bumpers.

This project not only challenged me to keep the show fresh and engaging for long-time fans but also allowed me to flex my creative muscles from start to finish, honing my storytelling skills across diverse formats and lengths.

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