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As the solo writer-producer, I was challenged by our CD to find a way to sell season three of Martha & Snoop: Potluck Party Challenge as a fun show with a low cost of entry. Audience research indicated that viewership was driven most heavily by the two co-host's dynamic rather than the mechanics of the show itself; in turn, we elected to abandon the traditional explanatory approach to the show's new mechanics and instead highlight Martha and Snoop's relationship. 

Ultimately, we successfully one-upped season three's "Ghost" promo with our fun, exciting, sexy Titanic spot. We were trending on social platforms and discussed through mass media outlets. Our promo was awarded a 2019 Clio Silver Award and "The Most Surprising/Creative Trailer" at the 2019 Cablefax Awards. 


Silver Winner


Most Creative/Surprising Trailer

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"I love our new promo... our writers are geniuses" Martha Stewart


"It's a silly but spot-on spoof, and it's the perfect way for the duo to announce that they're setting sail" TODAY

"Better, say we, than the original." AdAge

"We were legitimately caught off guard by the sheer erotic energy..." A.V. CLUB

"Scintillating..." Daily Mail


"Their chemistry is undeniable … and hilarious." PEOPLE

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