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"My sweet spot lies at the intersection of creative and strategy..."

Hi there! I'm Madison Calicchia, an award-winning creative on a mission to collaborate with you in crafting innovative, industry-leading ideas. My expertise lies in the sweet spot between creativity and strategy, where I excel at delivering engaging and memorable content for both digital and on-air video promotions.

As a Silver Clio Award winner and former Head of Creative at Liquid Social, my experience boasts a track record of success with social and digital pieces that have garnered millions of views. My expertise extends to the TikTok brand voice, having been an early partner on their ad-buying platform. My creative pursuits don't stop there – my short film, "Summon," has earned accolades at film festivals from coast to coast.

Dive into my portfolio and let's embark on a creative journey together, crafting campaigns that resonate and captivate audiences. Ready to make some magic?

award winning, strategy-driven creative


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